Buying Industrial Products Online….The New Normal?

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In this modern day, the internet is not just for accessing information whenever you need it or for connecting with your loved ones. Now, it’s also used by people whenever they want to make a purchase, especially during this time of the coronavirus pandemic. People shop online whenever they want to buy tools, industrial supplies, products, and just about anything.


This means that online shopping is not just an alternative to buying at your local store. The fact is, it is the best, the most efficient and most practical way of purchasing the supplies you need. After ordering your industrial products online, you can be assured of the fact that they will be delivered immediately right at your doorstep. Very convenient!

Easy Access to High-Quality Products

After finding a reliable industrial supplies retailer online, you can trust them to manage your order. You will be guaranteed total access to high-quality products from some of the most dependable and prominent brands in the world. This is made possible since most online industrial shops are extremely specialized.


They are not just selling highly generalized products. Reliable online retailers can provide you with the essential specs, certifications, and other features for each option. They provide you with instant access to genuine professional-grade products without the need for you to drive to the nearest store to find the one that you need. Also, you can avoid the risk of miscommunication by ordering the product over the phone.

Instant Access to Assistance from the Experts

When you visit a retail store, you will likely have some questions about the products that you want to buy. Or perhaps you need an expert opinion before making a decision. However, the employee that you are dealing with may not be an expert and will not be able to help you.


When it comes to purchasing industrial products, it is very important that you can count on the help and recommendation of experts who are well experienced and knowledgeable in this field. When shopping for industrial supplies online, you are not just getting access to a huge selection of goods, but you are also gaining immediate access to experts who will be able to help you with your purchase. They can help you with determining which item is a better fit for your project.

Huge Selection of Options to Choose From

Most retail outlets and offline industrial stores will only stock popular merchandise. This is because they do not have enough space to stock everything. On the other hand, online suppliers do not have to worry about this at all.


This is why they will have a greater variety of items that they can offer. Furthermore, they offer a variety of brands, designs, styles and sizes. You can find more specialized products online than what you can find at a brick-and-mortar store.

Huge Selection of Options to Choose From

How Can the Manufacturing Industry Benefit from eCommerce?

Despite the turmoil that happened in 2020, most manufacturers struggle to evolve beyond their traditional ways of running their business. Unfortunately, those businesses that are hesitant to digitize are blocking any potential transformation. Let’s explore the advantages of eCommerce for manufacturers.

Why is eCommerce Essential for Manufacturers?

The development in the manufacturing industry will be dependent on consumer behavior such as the transformation towards digital channels. Manufacturers who serve their clients through phone, fax, or email might be at risk of losing their loyalty, especially now that more people prefer to go digital.


Fortunately, in 2021, data shows that manufacturers are now ready to move to digital. Based on the information from The Manufacturing & E-Commerce Benchmark Report, at least 98% of manufacturers are interested in implementing e-commerce strategies. Consequently, around 42% of these manufacturers who have started using e-commerce, have noticed some improvement in their customer relationships.

Based on the same study, most manufacturers revealed that more than half of their total revenue was generated from online sales. It seems that these manufacturers have come a long way since the previous year when 80% of manufacturers are still dependent on internal sales force. This is based on the data from Digital Commerce 360. However, manufacturers still need to make some improvements to satisfy B2B client expectations.

Nowadays, B2B clients want to be in control with their online experience. This means that you have to provide them with self-service capabilities. Also, when you are engaging with your online store, your clients will expect you to provide them with accurate information about product details, discounts, order history, inventory levels, etc. Most of all, they want to have the freedom to do whatever they want to do anytime.

Why Should You Go Online?

Why Should You Go Online?
The world of your clients revolves around the internet. In fact, 75% of B2B product purchases are done online. One in three customers would choose a retailer based on its capability to order, pay, and track orders online. Actually, these are just the basics. When you explore the business side of things, you will find that there are a lot of things that your business can gain. Additionally, it can also help in strengthening client relationships.

What Are The Benefits That Manufacturers Can Gain From eCommerce?

Clearly, manufacturers can gain a lot of benefits from e-commerce. By providing an informative and convenient online buying experience to your B2B customers, you can assure that you will be their go-to supplier.

Offer Your Clients A Customized Catalog

As a manufacturer, you probably have an extensive collection of products that you want to offer to your customers. However, the prices of these products may differ depending on the needs of the customers and other factors. As a result, you are hesitant in sharing this pricing information online. Additionally, customizing your catalog with personalized products based on the needs of your customer can help in increasing conversions.


With a B2B web store, it is possible to personalize products and prices. This can be done by connecting to a personalized account.

Offer Different Varieties Of Spare Parts

Nowadays, there is a high traffic for spare parts in the manufacturing industry. By using an ERP-integrated e-commerce platform, you can match your spare parts with the more complicated products from customers.


As a result, cross-selling and upselling can be made easier and more efficient. Ultimately, customers do not have to spend a lot of time and effort on searching for spare parts. This strategy of e-commerce can help manufacturers in improving both their service and efficiency.

Allow Customers To Configure Products Online

Why Should You Go Online?
Another benefit of eCommerce for manufacturers is its capability to configure products. In your e-commerce platform, your clients will be able to configure and match products that vary in size, shape, and color.


In other words, your customers will be able to customize products based on their requirements. Additionally, they can do this without needing the help of your sales department. This can save both your company and your customers a lot of time and effort.

Sell All Your Products Online

Most manufacturers have a catalog that includes thousands of products. Out of these products, only a few are being purchased by clients. With the use of a B2B web store, your customers will be aware of all the assortment that you are offering.


You can use tools such as search filters, quick search, or search suggestions to guide your customers in going through your complete list of products. This can help customers recognize the new and additional products that you are offering as well as some alternatives.

Attract New Clients

Customers can find your business through search engines such as Bing, Google, etc. Most customers do some web searches in order to find the information, product, supplier, or solution that they need.


So if your business is optimized for search engines and you have a strong online presence, then you can obtain new prospects and stand out from your competitors. Search engines can connect you to new clients based on the valuable information that you offer online.

What Is The Best Way To Start An eCommerce Channel?

The manufacturing industry is complicated, and implementing an online environment without any disruptions can be a big challenge. However, this should not be the case since most processes will remain the same. You can consider it as a different channel where customers can purchase your products.


The most important thing is to choose the appropriate e-commerce partner that is reliable. For instance, a B2B eCommerce solution incorporated into your ERP system, can let your employees work with the same system while improving their workflows. Because of this ERP integration, companies can gain more returning customers and reduced errors in orders.

Make sure that your web store design is visually engaging. It should have strong SEO strategies and online marketing capabilities. It should have a flexible solution that is compatible with both B2B and B2C processes. After launching your e-commerce solution, you will be able to see growth with your online orders.

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