Flap Discs are your most versatile abrasive products for your angle grinders and small diameter tools. These abrasives allow you to remove material and set a finish in one step, saving time and money with every revolution. These are quickly becoming the “go to” option for artists, fabricators, DIYers, and those in the know. We stock a variety of “recipes” that will solve your grinding and blending needs. We have Aluminum specific flap discs that have a proprietary grinding aid to eliminate “gumming” and keep sharp grains exposed. Check our unique CURVE with our “Adaptive Angle” to grab in filet welds, railing posts or other hard to reach areas. If you want to finish TIG welds, we suggest the HYBRID model- made with Non-woven material and Ceramic paper- one step will create a near perfect finish every time. Look to Sparks & Arcs for a deep line of FLAP DISCS. Available for angle and die grinders for sizes 2”, 3”, 4 ½”, 5”, 6” and 7”. In stock and ready to go!