Training Videos

Abrasives are a commonly used and abused tool. Many, many times operators use them in “unique” and unsafe or inefficient ways. These products can be scary and quite frankly dangerous. Use our resource library to show you some helpful tips and tricks for a smoother and safer ride. If there is a topic or category you would like to see us add or create, please drop us an email. The more we are all educated, the safer the workplace and the more effective abrasives can be.

Flap Discs

The fastest growing segment in the abrasives world. Incredibly versatile. Not all flap discs are made the same. There are specific versions and varying styles. Check out these videos for proper usage and helpful hints.

Grinding Wheels

There are many versions of these “hockey pucks with holes”. This video will explain glazing, the do’s and do nots with these wheels. Learn about premature breakage and the associated dangers

Chop Saw Wheels

Learn about the most efficient way to mount your work and how to inspect these wheels. Less burs with less premature wearing leads to less post work.

Thin Cutting Wheels

Faster than a bullet and almost any other tool in your shop. These incredibly handy wheels can make quick work of metal and a large variety of materials. These are the most popular products used in the metal fabrication industry, but most people do not know how to properly mount, hold or to choose. Watch this video and learn you something.

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Abrasive Safety Information

Feel free to read and print these resources for safer operation of abrasives and tooling. The more you know, the less you will bleed. Seriously, inherently dangerous, please read and re-read.